Radiation source
containers and transport

Nordion UK owns a large fleet of containers that are suitable for the transport of radiation sources.  These containers are fully approved, serviced and available for rental to organisations that wish to transport Class 7 radioactive material, subject to approval of the organisation/application.  Additionally, Nordion UK has all the arrangements in place to provide a reliable logistics service within this highly regulated environment.

Transport containers for rental

Most of Nordion UK’s containers are Type B(U) approved for the transport of cobalt-60 and caesium-137 in various forms and other isotopes under certain circumstances. The Type 3750A and 3981A containers are used extensively for the transport of high volumes of standard ‘wet storage’ cobalt-60 sources; the 3962A container is most suitable for the transport of physically larger sources or non-Special Form raw material; the 3939A (DIP) container is designed specifically for use with dry storage irradiation sources and facilities; and several other Type B(U) and Type A containers are available for various specialist source and irradiator types. The container design approvals are issued by the UK Competent Authority and, where required, these have been are revalidated by the authorities in other countries. Many of these containers have gone through a programme of renewing their Type B(U) Certificates of Approval to the latest (SSR-6) regulations, confirming licence validity to ~2020/2021.  Potential rental requirements should be advised to Nordion UK with full details of proposed use, and must be handled by organisations and individuals who have been approved by Nordion UK to do so.

Containers & services for Caesium 137 source management

Nordion UK’s RSL6000 series designs of Caesium-137 sources have been the industry standard for many years and Nordion UK has designed and supplied OEM Caesium-137 sources for calibrators and process control instruments to various equipment manufacturers’ own designs. While, due to a shortage of raw material, new sources cannot currently be supplied, Nordion UK can provide all ancillary and related services to users. These include; transport, loading and unloading, regulatory assistance with licensing and Special Form renewal.

Shipping and logistics service

Nordion UK has shipped multi-MCi of cobalt-60 and other isotopes around the world using road, sea and air freight. Over the years, the company has developed its logistics expertise and the necessary relationships with many of the specialist transport companies that have arrangements in place to enable them to carry Class 7 radioactive material. Additionally, Nordion UK has its own fleet of 20’ flatracks that are available for road and sea transport and utilise container specific tie-downs.

Licensing and regulatory compliance

Shipment of Class 7 radioactive material must be made in accordance with the IAEA Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material and is subject to international transport regulations including ADR, IMDG and IATA. Additionally, many regulators also impose their own country specific requirements and may require, for example: special import and export requirements; transport licences and transit permits; notification of movements and approval of routes; escort of vehicles, approval of drivers and additional insurance. Nordion UK has built up trust with the national and international authorities that control Class 7 shipments and is experienced in dealing with their individual requirements.

Nordion UK has the infrastructure in place to enable it to undertake routine shipments of radiation sources and complex projects requiring special transport arrangements and approvals. Please contact Nordion UK about your container and transport requirements.