Cobalt-60 sources:
supply and recycling

Nordion can offer a range of source designs suitable for a wide range of applications.  Source designs for industrial radiation processing, research irradiators and recycling have all been approved as Special Form by the UK competent authority and the design of custom sources is also offered.  A wide range of services is also available from Nordion to support users of radiation sources in these application areas.  The provision of sources for ‘standard’ wet storage industrial irradiators is largely met by Nordion’s Canadian office, while Nordion’s UK business focuses on other specialist source designs for other irradiator types for recycling.

Standard industrial irradiation sources

Nordion’s UK office maintains the designs and approvals required for the manufacture of and lifetime support of type RSL2089 cobalt-60 sources which along with Nordion Inc’s C-188 source type are the industry standard designs for ‘wet storage’ radiation processing.  Please click here for information on supply of standard sources for wet-storage irradiators.  Nordion also offers new sources for standard ‘dry storage’ cobalt sources, the RSL1800 with a full range of support services (see above tabls).  All the source designs have Special Form Approval from the UK competent authority. The source specifications, manufacturing procedures and all other related arrangements are under REVISS’s ISO9001:2008 approved Quality Management System.

Other irradiation sources

Other source designs that are used in research, panoramic and other types of irradiators are also offered as new sources and maintained/supported. These include: RSL2010 and RSL2020 pencil type sources; the type RSL1921 source in holder incorporating a wire cable to allow remote handling.  The RSL6000 range of Caesium sources is supported and Special Form Certificate maintained.  These caesium source designs are Special Form Approved by the UK competent authority and all arrangements are under Nordion’s ISO9001:2008 approved UK Quality Management System.

Sources for cobalt-60 recycling

Nordion has developed the RSL1860 source design specifically for recycling end-of-life RSL2089 and similar source designs. This will enable users to have end-of-life sources removed and then re-use the cobalt-60 as new RSL1860 sources. The RSL1860 design is Special Form Approved, has a Recommended Working Life of 30 years and is backed-up by a special module design and a range of support services. The RSL1860 module (type R8103) is designed to fit into the vast majority of source racks without modification. This makes the transition to using RSL1860 sources alongside R2089 (or equivalent source types) very fast and simple for most irradiator operators. Nordion is also able to design and manufacture other module designs and provide installation, load planning, logistics and back up services.

Source handling and services

Nordion has the expertise, assets, infrastructure and experience to enable it to offer an extensive range of services to the radiation processing and radiation sources industries. Nordion UK is able to design, test and obtain regulatory approval of sources to meet users’ specifications; arrange transport and installation of radiation sources; perform load planning/optimisation calculations; and provide inspection, emergency response, end-of-life and other support services. For further details of other services provided by Nordion please click on the relevant tab above.

Please contact Nordion UK about your radiation source requirements for one-off, or ongoing supply arrangements, or click here for Nordion Canada (Inc).