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REVISS: supplying services to the radiation processing and isotopes/radiation sources industries.



2015 has been an important year of re-focus for REVISS Services (UK) Limited.  The range of specialist services offered by REVISS has been developed and the infrastructure is being maintained to ensure that customer and regulatory requirements continue to be met.  A new cobalt-60 recycling source has been designed and Special Form Approved by the UK Authorities and there is a high ongoing demand for use of REVISS’s transport containers and technical/engineering services. Whilst REVISS is currently unable to supply new Cobalt-60 radiation sources, due to termination of supply by Russian supplier JSC Isotope, REVISS is continuing to provide specialist services to the industry as illustrated below.


REVISS can provide the following services:

For Radiation Processing/Gamma Irradiation: PURIDEC Irradiation Technologies

  • Engineering support: including source installations/movements, equipment manufacture/supply e.g. source racks, modules, source holders etc.
  • Rental of type B(U) approved transport containers; licensed to carry large quantities of Cobalt-60 & Caesium-137. Containers available licensed for use in all countries, including USA, Canada, China & Japan.
  • Source surveillance: inspection, video record capture, storage pond water analysis.
  • Technical & Licensing support: including “Special Form” certification.
  • Support with Cobalt source returns and recycling.

For Sealed Radiation Sources: REVISS Isotopes

  • Rental of type B(U) approved containers for a variety of Isotopes, e.g. Cs-137 (scope as above for Cobalt)
  • Cobalt-60 sources for therapy: design, licensing and supply of cobalt-60 sources for teletherapy including “Gamma Knife” equipment.
  • Technical & Licensing support: including “Special Form” certification for Cs-137 sources.
  • Engineering Services for radiation source users, including provision of source-related equipment, source assembly into various holders etc.

For Specialist Raw Materials:  REVISS Isotopes

  • Supply of High Specific Activity (H.S.A.) Cobalt-60 pellets, suitable as raw material for manufacture of Cobalt-60 therapy sources for teletherapy and Gamma Knife equipment.

Send REVISS your enquiries, via the contact link above, giving as much detail as possible regarding the service you require and you will receive a prompt reply to advise whether and how REVISS can help you.


REVISS Opening Hours

Please see the information below for our standard business hours & confirmation of availability. Emergency arrangements remain in place at all times.

UK Head Office and Logistics:
Monday – Thursday 08.30 – 17:00
Friday 08:30 – 13:00

US Office in Chicago (UK -6/US Central Time):
Monday – Thursday 08:30 – 17:00
Friday 08:30 – 16:00




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